Antique Estate Auction

Antique & Collectible Glass & China

Located at the Hillsdale County Fairgrounds 4-H Dining Hall,

115 S Broad St (M-99), Hillsdale, MI (northeast corner of grounds)

SATURDAY, MARCH 20, 2010 AT 10:00 A.M.


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Collection of rose bowls including: 2 vaseline opalescent Northwood; blue opalescent Northwood; pink satin glass; vaseline opalescent swirl Stevens and Williams; pink and white spatter glass; clear with enamel lily of the valley; pink satin with enameled roses; cranberry hobnail; blue satin glass; blue satin glass shell; pink spatter; blue diamond quilted; blue cased spangle; green spatter; pink case; diamond quilted shell; yellow satin; green and white spatter; pink herring bone; blue satin; pink opaque with enamel flowers; clear crest; amber with applied threads; green pressed glass; clear pressed glass; Dugan blue; Dugan green; 2 rubina ribbed; pomona on footed; green spatter; pink satin with enameled flowers; large egg shaped blue case; footed diamond quilted blue.

Mary Gregory glass including: pair of green tumblers; green footed vase; blue footed vase; clear ruffled top vase; olive green vase with applied clear handles.

Fenton including: apple green opalescent rose bowl; lime green opalescent rose bowl; vaseline opalescent nappy; vaseline opalescent vase; cranberry  opalescent rose bowl; cranberry opalescent salt shakers; cranberry opalescent water pitcher; cranberry opalescent cruet; vaseline opalescent rose bowl; green opalescent compote; clear opalescent mustard; teal opalescent water pitcher and 6 tumblers; 2 green opalescent rose bowls; small green opalescent vase; blue slipper; 4 eggs on pedestals; clear opalescent swirl vase; clear opalescent plate; clear opalescent bottle with wooden stopper; 6 clear opalescent sherbets; collection of Victorian glass tumblers; set of 4 cranberry enameled; green spatter; multi colored spatter; green Colorado; amber hobnail; Francis ware; 6 cranberry thumbprint; 2 amber with birds; clear opalescent coin dot; cranberry opalescent coin dot; rubina enameled; 2 clear opalescent hobnail; clear enameled, and others; pair of pink depression salt shakers.

Decorated antique milk glass including: pitcher; cake stand; pair of salt and pepper shakers; sugar bowl; butter dish; 2 creamers; 2 spooners; milk glass beaded drape including: creamer; covered sugar bowl; butter dish; 7 piece berry set; water pitcher.

Francis ware including: bowl; creamer; spooner; covered daisy compote with amber staining; waffle berry bowl with amber staining and etching; daisy and button berry bowl with amber ribs; amber pattern glass tray; amber Indian head tooth pick; amber hobnail pitcher with applied handle; rose bowl with amber band, clear pattern glass rose bowl; berry bowl with amber vines, leaves, and flowers; Cambridge console bowl amber cut to clear; blue milk glass hand tray; handled milk glass leaf tray; blue milk glass leaf tray.

French opalescent hobnail including: 11 plates; 3 wine glasses; cruet; creamer; 2 rose bowls; basket; covered jar; 2 open sugars; handled nappy.

Ribbed opalescent including:  pitcher and tumblers; celery vase; tray.

Covered animal dishes including: clear swan; blue rabbit; amber dog; blue and white milk glass dog; blue and white milk glass cat; 2 blue and white milk glass hens; 2 milk glass hens with blue heads; milk glass eagle and shield; amber hen with white head; amber rabbit; decorated milk glass basket with chick and egg; milk glass baby in a basket; milk glass chick in a basket; blue milk glass hen on nest; 2 black hen on nest with white heads; milk glass bird on nest; milk glass bull; 4 milk glass decorated sugar shakers; green opaque sugar shaker; 2 milk glass decorated syrup pitchers with metal lids; early blown milk glass syrup with pewter lid; milk glass bread tray; milk glass tray with bird and dog; milk glass hand vase; decorated milk glass tobacco jar with brass lid; 2 blue milk glass plates; 2 decorated milk glass plates; 4 blue opalescent vases; footed blue opalescent leaves bowl; 5 blue opalescent pattern glass bowls; clear opalescent vase; 6 clear opalescent sherbets; triangular daisy and button bowl in vaseline; vaseline 3 panel footed bowl; amber 3 panel footed bowl; vaseline diamond bowl; vaseline compote; diamond vaseline spooner; vaseline diamond celery vase; vaseline rose pattern handled bowl; vaseline diamond sugar bowl; vaseline leaf tray; 4 small amber leaf trays; amber diamond footed compote; 11 fine cut and panel sauce dishes; 2 amber diamond wines; purple diamond relish tray; amber honey comb tumbler; 2 amber leaf trays; amber berry set.

Speckled glass including: cranberry and white bowl; yellow and white rose bowl; blue and swirl ruffled top rose bowl; yellow and white ruffled top rose bowl; green and white rose bowl; 3 green and white vases; pink and yellow vase; green and ox blood rose bowl; green and ox blood vase; green and white jack and pulpit vase; pink and yellow ruffled top vase; large amber daisy and button vase; vaseline bubble compote.

ABC plates including: amber with geese; clear with girl; clear with snowflakes; clear with star; clear with cane.

Children’s plates including: This Lil Pig went to the Market; Lil Boy Blue; frosted flower; pink opalescent ruffled bowl; small pink basket; large pink basket; pair of clear opalescent hobnail shakers; clear opalescent  bowl; clear opalescent berry bowl; clear opalescent creamer and sugar; 2 small clear opalescent vases; 2 clear opalescent hats; 2 clear opalescent ruffled bowls; green opalescent hobnail atomizer; clear opalescent hobnail rose bowl; blue opalescent hobnail basket; 2 blue opalescent small baskets; clear opalescent hobnail cornucopia vase; clear opalescent hobnail creamer and sugar; clear opalescent hobnail berry bowl; clear opalescent lace pattern bowl; clear opalescent swirl bowl; blue opalescent hobnail creamer; large blue opalescent hobnail basket; clear opalescent water pitcher; clear opalescent bowl; clear opalescent hobnail rose bowl; clear opalescent hobnail water pitcher; clear opalescent hobnail small vase; clear opalescent celery vase; clear opalescent mini epergne; blue slag hobnail nappy.

Blue opalescent hobnail including: small vase; covered sugar; fan vase; large ruffled top vase; bell, large fan vase; ruffled plate; creamer; pair of tumblers; small ruffled bowl; sugar bowl; 2 small vases; ruffled top vase; large ruffled bowl; 2 cruets; 2 fan vases; pair of salt and pepper; ashtray.

Milk glass covered boxes including: 2 rare Atterbury speckled hens; rabbit with glass eyes; 2 Admiral Dewey; battleship; hand holding chick; reclining lamb; spaniel; British lion; reclining sheep; Santa on sleigh; Uncle Sam on battle ship; reclining sheep on square base; pheasant; running stag; American hen; dolphin gravy boat; chick with eggs; reclining cat; reclining fox; small decorated hand vase; reclining rabbit; decorated lamb; large battle ship;  fish relish; 3 decorated milk glass plates; 2 amber hens on nest.

Vaseline glass including: 2 diamond pattern tumblers; thumbprint tumbler; rose pattern creamer; footed diamond small compote; thumbprint sugar bowl; footed pattern low compote; lacy pattern handled tray; square handled tray; large shamrock tray; diamond pattern spooner; 5 diamond pattern berry bowls; daisy and button with v bar; 2 large diamond pattern compotes.

Other glass including:  pair of Dugan vases; blue enameled water set; 1 blue hobnail Hobbs celery vase; 2 blue hobnail Hobbs sugar bowls; 2 square blue salt dips; blue opalescent footed bowl; 2 blue opalescent vases; 3 blue opalescent bowls; blue footed bubble bowl; green grape pattern compote; blue quilted compote; blue basket weave and lattice compote; blue grape compote; blue enameled pitcher; blue quilted spooner; blue quilted sugar bowl no lid; blue quilted compote; blue bubble pattern compote; blue child’s cup and saucer; pair of tortoise shell vases; blue bubble water pitcher; blue quilted water pitcher; blue pattern glass spooner; blue opalescent bowl; small blue cane pattern plate; blue daisy and button platter; amber owl bowl; blue owl bowl; clear daisy and button hand bowl; blue carriage bowl; 2 vaseline daisy and button canoes; green daisy and button canoe; 2 clear daisy and button canoes; amber block canoe; clear cane pattern canoe; clear Santa and sleigh; vaseline covered tureen; amber cook stove; amber sleigh with roses; amber double match safe; amber daisy and button shield tray with actress head; yellow shell rose bowl; pink swirled rose on clear feet; blue satin glass rose bowl with enameled oak leaves; large yellow cased rose bowl; pink shell rose bowl with enameled leavescranberry salt shaker; pigeon blood salt shaker with applied flowers; cranberry tooth pick; blue opalescent vase; vaseline broom; amber daisy and button hanging canoe; vaseline sardine box in shape of a fish; blue square bubble platter; 2 blue leaf shape handle trays; blue relish tray; small baby thumbprint enameled platter; grape pattern wall match safe; clear ladies head wall match safe.



Copeland brown transfer ware partial dinner set including: 6 large cups and saucers; 3 soup plates; gravy boat; small oval platter; 8 lunch plates; 2 dinner plates; 2 octagonal handled platters; 2 butter pats; small serving bowl; footed compote; covered vegetable; large serving bowl; large platter; handled serving dish; rose bowl with gold sea shells; transfer ware water pitcher; black transfer ware mustache cup and saucer; black transfer ware relish tray; 6 transfer ware soup plates; open vase; 2 brown transfer cup and saucers; brown transfer salad plate; 3 black transfer handled plates; 1 brown transfer lunch plate; 1 black transfer lunch plate; set of 12 Rosenthal cups and saucers; small Limoges tea pot; Havilland white tea pot and creamer; small brown transfer tureen; large brown transfer tureen; large ironstone tureen; 3 ironstone gravy boats; ironstone creamer; covered ironstone sugar bowl; ironstone soup ladle; ironstone hand tray; ironstone covered sugar bowl; large ironstone wash pitcher; ironstone lion head spout water pitcher with gold trim; pair of octagonal pedestal tureens.

Collection of German pink pigs including: 3 on a shamrock, 2 on a cotton bail, 3 in a basket; 1 in chamber pot; 2 with a top hat; 3 with a baby carriage; 2 with a tree trunk; 2 in a school; 1 with a pair of vases; 1 with a bank; 2 with an outhouse; 1 in a wood bin; 2 with a wash tub; 1 with a cotton bail.

ABC plates including: sheep and lamb; 2 birds; famous places; fishing elephant; Independence Hall; Buster Brown; chickens; camel.

Children’s plates including: 4 of Good Child; French scene; blue and white with wind mill; Lil Miss Muffet; Buster Brown; Ole Mother Hubbard; Blind Man’s Bluff.


Estate of Sidney Shackleton


Haines and Associates, L.L.C.


TERMS:  Cash or negotiable check.  Not responsible for accidents or articles after sold.  Lunch on grounds.